​Rent Payment Policy
Rent is due on the 1st and is late on the 2nd.  Rent will be payable to Rod Lloyd and give to the Property Manager Brent at 282 23rd Ave, Longview, or mail to 74430 Laurel Wood Rd, Rainier OR 97048.  Payment date shall be date of mailing as stamped by the Post Office.  



A late charge will be added at the rate of $5 per day if any money is outstanding after the 1st.
Due Date Adjustment
If your income comes in after the 1st of the month every month, you can request a Due Date Adjustment.  If your request is approved by the Property Manager, you will need to make an additional payment to make the adjustment [ie if you request a Pay Date of the 10th, you will need to pay 9 days rent to adjust the Pay Date to the 10th]
Request for Hardship
If you have a hardship emergency, you may request a payment plan.  You must submit the payment plan request in writing stating the problem and the minimum weekly payments you can pay.  If the plan is reasonable and the Property Manager agrees in writing, the eviction process can be delayed.  The late charge will still be added and all payments must be made on time or early.  If you miss or make any payment late, it will automatically void the agreement and eviction process will be started without further notice.